Grand Belmont Hat
Grand Belmont Hat

Grand Belmont Hat

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✪ Made In Madagascar

Natural straw hand braided and stitched for the perfect flop and wave.

Timeless, elegant, and ultra fabulous. 

- Size 1 adjustable and fits S-M, Size 2 adjustable and fits M- XXL

- Extra large brim measuring about 10 inches

- Can be snapped (pictured) or worn floppy

- Adjustable crown using our exclusive and adjustable Luxor Band

The Grand Belmont may be wet to reshape the brim. Please note that once wet, the straw will absorb a lot of water and will take a full 24 hours to dry. 

If your brim is bent, simply wet the brim and lay flat overnight. You may place some weight on the brim, like books, if it is very bent or out of shape.